Japan – The Venture Begins!

May 2019

I’ve just returned from my first buying trip to Japan where I visited a number of trade auctions. I was able to secure enough items to fill my first container full of antiques.

Delivery is expected towards the end of June where the majority of pieces will undergo some form of restoration and then be posted to this website.

This trip my focus was on furniture from the northern region of Japan as most furniture that I see for sale is from the southern area and Kyoto. Northern furniture is larger and tends to be more decorative in terms of ironware. along the way, I also picked up a number of other items ranging from ceramics to bronze statues. 

I did manage to sneak in a couple of free days for some sightseeing where I visited Tokyo and the old merchant town of Sawara. I took some photos and I hope you enjoy them.


Sawara (佐原) is a small town northeast of Narita City that prospered during the Edo Period (1603-1867) as a transport hub for rice shipments into the capital. Sawara’s historic centre lies along a canal and is known as “Little Edo” for its small district of preserved and restored traditional residences, merchant shops and warehouses from the Edo Period.