Collectors Auctions

Raimu is proving to be an exciting journey. What I initially envisaged for the direction of the venture to follow has already diversified within just a few months of trading.

My first platform was to buy from japan and sell via the internet. There was nothing adventurous about this, so I decided to implement my auction platform. Unlike eBay, each item could be bid against or purchased directly from the site without incurring any further fees.
The format is fresh because the bidder can see what the market value is via the buy-it-now and with a good wind win the item for cheaper.
I also chose to offer my auctions as commissions have always been an irritation for me, that’s why I set my table to be as fair as possible for buyers by removing the in-between proxy. The first auction was a success, and there were some real bargains to be had. I intend to continue this format with all future deliveries from Japan. These are referred to now as Raimu In-House Auctions.

Something odd happened at the end of the first auction, several people asked me if I could sell their items. I thought about this a decided why not! But again it has to be different. The issue of commissions once again irritated me as I dislike them so much, but for a concession based auction, they must be in situ. I’ve looked at the other auction houses and understand why they need to levy such high percentages to support their infrastructures. There is absolutely no way that I could ever compete against such establishments, but what I can offer is something that they cannot due to the small scale of my business.

Firstly the commission, a flat 10% to seller and buyer. For this, all parties get my experience as a specialist in my field as I will keep entirely to the items that I understand. All items will be vetted by me persoanlly. Submissions are also easier for the seller as there are no fees for photographs, storage or insurance. Submitting articles becomes a straightforward process.

The next factor is the most important. Items must be priced to sell. I cannot sell something that has no attraction to buyers, and it becomes a waste of time for everyone. I also cannot sell on behalf of dealers who have extinguished their own sales channels due to overpricing. So the key to making this work for everyone is that it must all be reasonable.

Leading on from the above, I now have a fantastic collection of items on route ranging from Swords, sword fittings and armour which will form the first Collectors Auction scheduled for the 12th January 2020. I hope that this first Collectors Auction attracts traffic, that we can make some sales and people happy.



Raimu Japanese Samurai Auction


Collectors Auction – Tosei Gusoku Japanese Samurai Armour

Momoyama Period
Ian Bottomley Collection