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Hi, I’m David Thatcher, and I own Raimu Japanese Antiques. As a profession, I specialise in the restoration of antique Japanese armour, which has allowed me to visit Japan regularly to meet clients and to source items to sell. While attending auctions and visiting dealers, I would see beautiful things such are bronzes and furniture that I would have loved to have purchased. Often the size and weight made acquiring such items unavailable to buy as the shipping costs would be unviable.

In 2015 I decided to expand my business and to diversify from armour by expanding the range to include items of furniture, textiles, ironware and all manner of folk arts. Taking the plunge and jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool, I took myself on a couple of buying trips in 2018/19. The result? A hand-picked container packed full of treasures.

I have no desire to become an antiques dealer as such as I feel that Japanese Antiques are often overpriced. This is why I decided to offer the items that I source via an auction platform. My buyers decide what the cost should be and what they perceive as value. I hope you have fun bidding and bag yourself something super!