Welcome to our auction guide.

1 – Please register your account
When you set up an account, you will be able to bid on items. By clicking on the MY ACCOUNT tab at the top of the website, you will be able to access your Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you can track your orders and auctions. Please click the Addresses Button and enter your details otherwise you will have to enter your address each time you use the checkout.

You MUST enter your name, address and contact number before placing a bid. The reason for this is that winning bids are invoiced, also we have to know that you are in fact a human and not a robot. We check each bid placed and bids placed without the address information will be deleted.

2 – Bidding
All auctions have a starting price with no hidden reserve. You can place a bid for any amount above the starting price. A buyers premium of 10% will be charged on the final winning bid. If you cannot bid for yourself we can bid for you as your appointed agent.

3 – Buy It Now
Some auctions have a Buy-it-Now option. We do this so that you can either buy the item at our full asking price or know what we would expect the item to sell for. All bids are cancelled if yourself or another bidder uses the Buy-it-Now option.

4 – Time Extensions – Over Running
Our auctions work in the same way as auction sites in Japan. All auctions will have a scheduled end date and time. If a higher bid is placed with the last 10 mins, the auction will extend for a further 10 mins. We do this to prevent sniping.

5 – Winning bids
The best thing to do upon winning is to contact us.
Inform us if you would like shipping and we can do the rest by sending you a single invoice.

If you win the item/s that you have been bidding on they will be added to your account and can be viewed via your Dashboard. The winning bids attract a buyers premium of 10% this is not shown in the shopping cart.

If you purchase the items via the shopping cart we will allocate that payment against your winning invoice which will be sent to you via email.

Please let us know if you would like the items collected or shipped. If you would like the items shipped we will add the cost to your invoice. 

6 – Storage
We can keep items stored for up to 8 weeks free of charge. After winning please contact us otherwise your items will be packed and made ready for despatch.

7 – Shipping / Collection
Shipping is not free. When you win an auction, you will only be charged for the auction item and the buyers permium. When you would like your item to be shipped, please notify us. We can combine winning auctions where possible and ship them together at a cheaper rate. A second invoice will be sent to you for shipping and packaging. Collections can be arranged.

8 – Shipping zones
We can ship to most locations worldwide. Parcels and pallets with the EU. If you would like an advanced shipping quote, please contact us before bidding. In order to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition we have to pack them securely. Cardboard / protective wrapping, tape, pallets etc. A packing fee is therefore required which is standardised at £15.00 per shippment. This will be reduced for smaller items such as tsuba or prints.
All of the above has been designed to be considerate to the bidder. In doing this Raimu takes on the risk of bidders not paying for their winning bids. If this is the case we will contact the next highest bidder and ask them if they would like the item, if this is declined we will relist the item again.  Please note that if you bid on an item it is your commitment to buy, if you do not do so we will remove your account and prevent you from using our service again. 

9 – Unsold Lots
At the end of each auction we remove the items from the auction page. Unsold lots can be purchased for the lowest estimate for a period of 7 days after which the item will either become unavaliable or listed on our shop. Shop pricing will be set around the middle of the auction estimation. For example an estimate of £100.00 to £300.00 would be listed in the shop for £150.00

10 – Comission Fee
We charge a 10% comission fee on all items. Please understand that this is our margin, we do not charge 25% which other auction houses will ask, we also do not add 20% VAT or additional commissions.