Items offered for purchase at auction are catalogued, photographed and researched by our specialists.
Each listing will display photographs along with a description and condition report.  Additional photographs can be requested at any time prior to the final action date.

All bidding is internet based via our website.
Our auctions run for 7 days beginning on a Saturday at 08:00am and concluding on the following Sunday at 16:00hrs. All auctions have a time extension of 10 minutes. Therefore if a bid is placed within the last 10 minutes of an auction ending the auction is automatically extended by 10 minutes.
This prevents sniping or being outbid at the last second.

If you are unable to bid for yourself you can request a commission bid during the sale, which we will execute for you on your behalf.

There are no reserves on the items we list. The price you see is the opening price. Bids are placed in increments of £1.00

If an item is priced at £500.00 the first bid placed will be for £500.00 should you bid £600.00 only the bid placed for £500.00 will be displayed. If another bidder places a bid for £502.00 your bid will automatically overbid at £503.00

The highest bid will always overtake the lowest bid.

In order to bid you must register an account with us and you must enter your name and address in your profile. Any bids placed by users who have not completed their profile will be deleted. The users account will also be banned if further bids are paced without complying to our request.

Payment for all lots purchased including all associated fees, charges, is due no later than 7 calendar days after the auction.
Payment can be made only by the registered bidder. Payment instructions can be found in the relevant invoice.

When you win an auction we will send you an invoice via your registered email. This invoice is for the winning Lot/s and the buyers Premium. A second invoice will be sent to cover shipping costs if a collection is not possible.

A buyer’s premium of 10% is added to all winning bids.
Lots cannot be collected and removed until the invoice for these lots has been paid. All purchased lots may be collected or shipping arranged. To arrange collection please send a booking email to: [email protected] or telephone call to 44 (0)7971955214 to ensure lots are ready at time of collection.

Storage will be Free of Charge for 3 calendar months.
Handling/Administration: After the first 3 calendar months following the sale, the following handling and administration charges will apply per Lot: 

Small objects – £20.00 + £3.00 per day
Large objects – £40.00 + £6.00 per day.