03 Kabuto (Won)

Hikone Ii Clan Kabuto with matching facemask
16th century.  Momoyama Period

Estimation: £20,000 -£25,000


A rare and desirable kabuto and hanpo in red urushi. Associated with the Ii clan of Hikone. The kabuto is almost identical to the one displayed at the Royal Armouries in Leeds which was believed to be the only extant example and featured in the extraordinary exhibition: Shogun: The Life Of Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu in 2005. our example surfaced in 2015 and came from a collection in Japan. It has undergone a full restoration making it the only example available to purchase.

The hachi is lacquered in red shu-urushi with a gold kinpaku visor. The shikoro is of the gessen design which allowed a spear thrust to pass through the lames preventing the were from an injury. Now that there are two examples it would be correct to conclude that these belonged to Hatamoto and were issued okashi-gusoku. The rear of the helmet has an ushiro-date which support s a rather unique kashira-tate-mono in yar hair that curves up over the top of the helmet with a mock tehen-no-kanamon. Original ukebari and shinobi-no-O, variegated odoshi-ito in shiro-moegi and murasaki.

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03 Kabuto (Won)

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